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Generosity never really hurts

I have a coworker who dearly loves Nutty Bars®. This coworker is a pleasant, skilled, and hardworking individual. From time to time when she is very busy or a little stressed I give her one. She always smiles.

No one is allowed to leave my home hungry and if a friend has no place to sleep they know that they have my home to come to for shelter. Over the years this has been the policy in my home for the simple reason that I have a home. I am not trying to say that I have some advantage over others in this area but I am saying something that can be hard for others. It is important that I communicate that I am trying to live what I write but that I do not always get it right.

As Christ followers we need to realize that we have much more than we need. It is easy to be generous. Look around you for those in need and consider what you have in abundance. If Christ followers took responsibility for care of others then others would receive much more care. If you are looking for a church, then search for one that goes outside of its doors for good of the community. Our call is to be a community that reaches our larger community. It must start with me. It must start with you. Examine yourself Madison, and tell me what you think.


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