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Generational trust in company leadership, a generational perspective

In a global poll conducted by Kenexa it was discovered less than half the respondents said they trust the leadership of their company to make decisions best for the company and for its employees. Members of the builder / traditionalist generation relied on excellent leadership before the days of Social Security. The baby boomers originally thought they would have the same level of job security as their parents. Generation X apparently do not harbor the belief that their organization’s leadership has a commitment towards lifelong employment.

Trust is the foundation of healthy relationships.
Trust is the foundation of healthy relationships.
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There was a time in America when employees would start, grow and retire with the same employer. Pension plans were used to reward employees for their lifetime of service and both business owners and human resource professionals felt an obligation to make sure the pension was received. However during the 1990s when the trend of downsizing a company became popular the concept of lifelong employment quickly vanished.

In the ruins of lifelong employment sits this lack of distrust.

Just 48% say they can rely on and have confidence in the company leadership to make the decisions best for the company and its employees. Twenty-four percent admitted they actively distrust their leaders while 24% were somewhere in the middle. The other 4% apparently had no opinion or didn’t trust the survey would be confidential.

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