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Generational differences with relationships

When it comes to romantic relationships, different generations tend to have strong and differing opinions on what should be done, what is right, what is wrong, and how to go about handling all types of situations. These tend to cause arguments between parents and children when sharing with one another, and asking for advice. Some generations cannot hold their tongue, and will not stand for certain behavior, while others seem more open to modernistic ways of how relationships have become in the 21st century.

Based on how you were raised may or may not relate to how you view and handle your own personal relationships. Some parents have become more open in watching how society has changed in regards to relationships, watching how their kids have grown, and bonding with them more and become more of a friend over time versus just their authority figure. Sometimes not all parents are able to do this, and it causes misunderstandings, conflict, and miscommunications between everyone.

For example, April, a nurse in Charlotte, was dating someone for three years. She had brought him home to meet her friends, family, etc. It was a very serious relationship. They eventually moved in together. April shared this with her friends, who were happy for her, and excited that she was taking the next step with her boyfriend, whereas her parents were not so supportive. April’s parents were very traditional. They would rather her get married, then live with her partner. This was the reverse of what they believed was right. Some parents would’ve believed it was a good next step seeing as how long they had been together, and how serious they were. But not April’s parents. Because of them not approving, it weighed down on April and really got to her seeing as her parents didn’t support something she was enjoying and looking forward to. This kind of conflicting opinions can really hurt a relationship, especially between parent and child.

Fighting for love is commonly known as the biggest test. Especially when it is a fight between you and your parents, or others close to you, regarding any issue whatsoever. When it is a fight about who you are romantically involved with, that becomes a challenge. Being in a relationship is a personal choice, and, when it is just beginning, you’re on cloud nine. You want everyone to be supportive and happy for you, but when even one person brings up any negativity, you want to shut them down, and become defensive sometimes. Whether you like hearing their reasons or not, it is very important to be open to why your parents, or others, may or may not approve/disapprove of the relationship. Just remember they only want what’s best for you, even if they think nobody will ever be good enough for you. Disagreements will occur, and you have to know that. Parents are not always right, you know.

Love can certainly blind you to seeing what is wrong about or within the relationship. In this case, outsiders, such as parents, can see abnormalities where you probably see nothing wrong. Taking a step back is always smart instead of getting in over your head, and too deep to where you lose yourself. Sometimes parents are not the best people to confront you about it because it can seem as if they are ganging up on you, and just want you to live life their way, but that is not always the case. Parents have experienced more out of life than you have, and you have to be open to see that they may have something beneficial to say that you have not even given thought to. You don’t have to think about long-term with every relationship you have, but parents are always thinking that way in regards to your future. Just think of it this way, your parents only want to see you happy.

Different generations have different traditions, feelings, and motivations it seems. Many people would get married just coming out of high school or college, whereas now a lot of couples are staying together longer, sometimes not even getting married at all, due to the divorce rate being on the rise, and also, many people don’t believe that a piece of paper or certificate should link two people; it should be a choice between those two people. Older generations do not believe that people should live together before marriage, whereas many younger couples are doing that to ‘test’ their relationship to see if they are capable of living with each other and dealing with challenges that married life would put on them. There is a lot of variety in how things have changed over time, and, some generations are open to the changes whereas others are set in their ways and are not open-minded. We just have to think outside of our own opinions and open our eyes to other views, and try to see eye to eye on everything and come to a compromise on what we will agree to disagree on.


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