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Generation Nature Live debuts at SeaWorld with animals and rescue stories

The new Generation Nature Live show and some SeaWorld animal ambassadors.
The new Generation Nature Live show and some SeaWorld animal ambassadors.
Barb Nefer

SeaWorld Orlando is a place for entertainment, but people often forget that the shows, rides, and animal habitats are just one part of the company as a whole. It's also home to an on-call rescue team that helps animals 24 hours a day and rehabilitation facilities to nurture injured creatures back to health.

Generation Nature Live is a new weekend show for the summer that highlights SeaWorld's rescue program and shows some animal ambassadors who meet guests to help spread the message. Bindi Irwin appears in video, and you get to meet members of the rescue, veterinary, and training staff up on stage, as well as to chat with them after the show. Best of all, you'll see some of the rescued creatures come out live and in person as you learn about their backgrounds and why they live at SeaWorld.

The show also teaches audience members simple ways to help wildlife, like disposing of plastic bags carefully so they don't make it to the ocean, where sea creatures can mistake them for jellyfish and die after trying to ingest them. It helps kids care about animals and empowers them to take simple steps to help the natural environment.

Click the video accompanying this article to see some scenes from the show, as well as some of the animal ambassadors who come out afterward to greet visitors in the Sea Garden next door to the theater. Be sure to bring your camera, as you'll see various critters up close, from miniature horses to birds to possums, and find out more about them.

There's also a brand new evening orca show, Shamu Lights Up the Night, that runs through August 10. Go to this article for scenes from that new show, or jump here to read about the dance party.