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Generalissimo Francisco Franco is dead: Someone tell CNN

What is the film angle? Well, there will be a movie.

He is dead

It isn’t funny, but it is ridiculous that CNN has gone whole hog into the disappearance of the Malaysian Boeing 777 with 239 passengers aboard. They are covering the story as if nothing else is happening, such as the Russians regaining the former USSR, one state at a time.

If you are an old Saturday Night Live diehard, then you get the headline.

“"Generalissimo[a] Francisco Franco is still dead" is a catchphrase that originated in 1975 during the first season of NBC's Saturday Night and which mocked the weeks-long media reports of the Spanish dictator's impending death. It was one of the first catchphrases from the series (which later became Saturday Night Live, or SNL) to enter the general lexicon.”

Year 2025, headlines: Crimea is still a part of Russia and Malaysia is still looking for the lost plane.

Only by the grace of some fishermen who saw the low flying 777 will authorities finally discover the lost plane. Will they locate it before the battery runs out on the black box? Or, will fishermen discover it someday when pieces start showing up in their nets?

Why did they paint the black box orange? A CNN expert will describe this circumstance and why they chose orange over all other possibilities.

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