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General "Science Fiction" Hospital

Robin Scorpio

General Hospital has been renamed General Science Fiction Hospital.

Why you ask? When you have a researcher working on her own to bring back people who are frozen popsicles , who miraculously comes up with the right formula to unfreeze and heat them up to life , well that just screams science fiction to me.

The mad scientist, whose family is being threatened is challenged to bring back 2 people( who have been dead more than once by the way) to life. The third being the long dead(?) Jason Morgan as the guinea pig. The scientist worked madly, trying everything she knows, and let me say she is much more brilliant than any of us knew, and she comes up with the formula for LIFE!! Yes she brought Jason back from the undead and now her formula will be used for evil.

We also know that this plot was used just to bring Jason Morgan back to life. Will he come back the same? Will his looks have changed., his whole lifestyle? Will he be a criminal or a doctor? A robotic yes man to Sonny Corinthos or a warm loving family man who will embrace the Quartermaines as his family. The few that are left at least and will he still love Sam? Will Danny be a Morgan or a Quartermaine? Hey that would be the start of a new line of Q’s.

Look I am all for bringing dead people back to life. That is the stuff soaps are made of. Truly I find that a man who died by having his head chopped off who comes back fully formed is believable on a soap. But a doctor who does research who can bring frozen people back to life. on her own in a small laboratory? Questionable. Will her miraculous advances be brought to life so all of Port Charles and maybe the world can all be frozen and brought back again and again? Popsicle Bingo has now been invented and can change the world. Bring on the freezers. Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!

How is Ron Carlivati going to justify not using this miracle drug on the show? Sure evil Victor can toss it, but the on and off Dr. Robin Scorpio has the formula and unless they kill her off this formula should be used to save the world Can I hear an Amen?

I am one person who does not want to see Dr. Scorpio-Drake come back anymore. The storylines are ridiculous and every life has to be changed to suit her whims. Kill her off for good. No one is that important on any show. Remember they have no brought my Jax back so Robin can go too!

General Hospital can be seen weekdays on ABC at 2 p.m.

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