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General says Malaysian plane landed in Pakistan

Malaysian airplane.....where is it?
Malaysian airplane.....where is it?
New York Times

Lt. General Thomas McInerney said he believed the missing Malaysian plane had been flown to and landed in Pakistan on the Sean Hannity Show today, Wednesday, March 18 on Fox. The general appeared on the Sean Hannity Show and presented his belief that the plane would've landed in Pakistan at 5 a.m. by whoever was flying the plane.

The general, who is respected for having impeccable sources, said he believed Rolls Royce, Boeing and the United States know more than they are telling. He cited a LIGNET report saying Boeing believes the plane was taken to Pakistan.

McInerney also noted there are several good landing strips in Pakistan under control of the Taliban where the plane could've been flown. The general also said he thought Pakistan would have to break the news within the next 24-48 hours.

McInerney had a week ago first made known his claim that the plane had been diverted to either Pakistan or possibly eastern Iran. Officials have expressed concern the 777 could serve as a delivery device for nuclear weapons if it fell into the hands of terrorists or anyone with nuclear capabilities.

Experts expressed concern Israel or even the U.S. could become a target of such an attack by terrorists.

Cayce Wendeborn, a resident of Wichita Falls, Texas, said she believed several of the passengers might be valuable to hijackers because of their knowledge. She said 11 of the passengers worked for a Houston tech firm and were bound for a technological conference in Beijing when the plane was diverted from its scheduled course.

Investigators today announced they had determined that information had been deleted from equipment the pilot of the missing plane had in his home. There was speculation as to what might have been deleted including possible landing strips.

The task of trying to recoup the deleted material continued today.

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