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General ranting

View through a window of the courtyard of the Canisius-Kolleg photographed in Berlin, Germany.
View through a window of the courtyard of the Canisius-Kolleg photographed in Berlin, Germany.
AP Photo/dapd/Franka Bruns

     In just over 200 years the United States of America has risen from being a colony of England to becoming the most prosperous nation in the history of the world. What led to this prosperity? Was it just our own efforts or was Divine Providence involved? Psalm 33:12 promises that a nation that honors God would be a blessed nation and for much of our history we saw this promise come to pass. Our Founding Fathers recognized the importance of reliance upon God and wrote this into our Declaration of Independence.

     Over time nations change and today 21st century America is far different than envisioned by our founders. So just how do our efforts measure up? Are we moving America in the right direction? 100 years ago homosexuality was illegal but now it is becoming more acceptable. In fact, speaking out against homosexuality is now considered mean or bigoted...even though people should be allowed to voice their disagreement. As a minister of the gospel i should be allowed to say God calls it sin just as i should be allowed to say God calls adultery sin.

     America would rather lift its hand in worship to its musical idols than bow before a holy God. We kicked God out of our schools and replaced Him with a fairy tale based upon humanity crawling out of a scum pond and this rendered accountability for our behavior back to us rather than a higher being. Today a majority of our people believe science has all the answers and thus accept the scum pond talk by faith rather than crying out to God to see if He is real.

     Have we really evolved? Almost 50 years ago a popular show was Andy Griffith, today such clean humor is nowhere to be found. The language and content of most sit-coms today would not be considered acceptable. 50 years ago what were the major problems with students in school? Chewing gum & talking without being recognized. Today we are more concerned a student will bring an assault rifle to school to shoot up the place because he is "angry" or dissatisfied with life. I call that devolution not evolution. We are becoming more barbaric...not more civilized.

     Then when a preacher of righteousness speaks up and points the way back to God for real progress he is criticized and accused of being a raving madman. The evangelists of atheism are ready to jump out from behind their bushes and attack every attempt to preach real love, joy and peace. The Bible says it is the "fool" that says there is no God, but in America today we have reversed this. Today the one daring to proclaim God as the source of our answers is now considered the fool by many intellectuals.

     It is easier for your child to get a condom in the public schools than a Bible. Don't believe me? When you have a chance ask them what measures they are taking to protect the youth from unwanted pregnancy and see whether they say they are passing out Bibles or condoms.

     Chicago lost the Olympic bid...even with President Obama and Oprah representing us. I'm glad somewhere else in the world gets this blessing because we certainly don't merit it here. We had special video coverage to seal the deal as students stood by watching another student beaten to of them even filmed it for the Olympic committee to see on the news. God and Bibles or evolution and condoms -  seems like much of America prefers scum pond theology.

     Illinois is claiming it needs to raise our taxes and Chicago is in the county with the highest sales taxes in the nation. For all our "blessings" we here in northern Illinois are being held hostage by a government bent on exporting more of our citizens to more favorable stomping grounds in another State.

     Studies show that raising taxes can actually have the opposite effect as it can cause sufficient numbers of tax-paying citizens to move out of state and thus reduce the amount of revenues. Do our politicians not know this? The State sales tax came about during the Great Depression and became permanent in Illinois in 1935 at 3%. Today it is now 6.5% but counties and municipalities have tacked on additional for themselves and in Cook County it is now a whopping 10.25%. This hurts the poor because they get no break on this tax when they go shopping.  America, Illinois and Chicago are moving backwards and i honesty believe we need a genuine move of the Holy Spirit to turn this around.

     A genuine move of the Holy Spirit will help people think right and act right. A genuine move of God will cause us to realize weakening the strong in the name of strengthening the weak is not the answer.  A move of God will cause students to act bravely to intervene to help one another rather than standing by. We need to encourage our young people away from scum pond theology and get them to look upwards to where our true help comes. A genuine move of God will bring real restoration to our youth...the future of our nation.


  • Ben Peacock 5 years ago

    Rlly good, highly relevant rant Bro. Ed. Kp it up!

  • Bill 5 years ago

    What is even more disturbing to me is that our "progress" has led us to have fewer babies in smaller and frequently broken families. I know that we need to prepare for Jesus' return and to always be ready for the time that He comes. However, I suspect that the real reason for the tremendous drop in birth rates in industrialized countries is due to our own selfishness and lack of faith in the blessings that God has promised us. What say ye Ed?

  • Tom 5 years ago

    I agree that selfishness drives us to do selfish things...including having less children.

  • Someone from the 21st century 5 years ago

    I love when people who are not bright enough to understand science try to discredit it.

    You say today's TV has too much violence and sex. You should try reading the bible. Talk about sex and violence. That god guy is always murdering people for not acting the way he wants. He would murder whole towns on a whim.

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