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‘General Hospital’ – will Jason Morgan come back from the dead?

Steve Burton
Steve Burton
Frederick M Brown/Getty Images

It certainly seems possible that mob enforcer ‘Jason Morgan’ is alive. And if anyone can bring him back it’s Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake (Kim McCullough).

The only problem is, actor Steve Burton (ex Jason) has no intention of returning to ‘General Hospital’ to resurrect his former character.

At the moment, Burton is happy over at ‘The Young and the Restless’ where he plays ‘Dylan.’ And according to his recent tweet, Burton recently re-signed his contract with the CBS soap. So it looks like he’s staying put.

So what does this mean for the character of Jason Morgan? It’s pretty simple – perhaps the character will be recast. It wouldn’t be easy, but it’s certainly possible that another actor could step in and assume the role.

Another possibility? Maybe Jason really is dead. Maybe Victor is just using Jason as a way to get Robin’s help. Victor is a Cassadine after all – meaning he will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal.

So if and when Jason Morgan returns, it could be bittersweet for fans. On the one hand, we may get the character back. But on the other hand, it more than likely won’t be in the form of Steve Burton.

‘General Hospital’ airs weekdays at 2pm on Detroit’s local ABC affiliate WXYZ Channel 7.

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