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'General Hospital': Will Carlos implicate Ava to save Sabrina?

Maura West
Maura West
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

General Hospital” fans have been waiting for Ava to be named in the shooting of Connie Falconeri for a long time. Now that Carlos is in custody and being looked at for A.J. Quartermaine's death, Ava should be shaking in her boots. According to an April 18 video posted by “General Hospital,” Carlos may just tell Franco the truth in order to save Sabrina. Fans have been wondering what will happen to Sabrina when Teresa Castillo goes on maternity leave and this may be the answer.

With May sweeps just a few weeks away, things are getting heated in Port Charles. Last week fans found out that Patrick and Sabrina were having a baby boy. It was definitely something “General Hospital” fans were happy about, until Ava threatened Sabrina while on the phone with Carlos. After seeing the sneak peek, fans are speculating Franco will help keep Sabrina safe by sending her to Puerto Rico to have the baby. Of course, this would mean Carlos told Franco Ava shot Connie.

This upcoming week on “General Hospital” is going to be crazy according to the official Twitter page for the show. There will be a surprise at A.J. Quartermaine's funeral. While that could literally be anything, fans speculate it will involve Sonny and Ava. Rumors have been circulating about Sonny and Ava getting married to protect themselves from having to testify against the other. If that happens, it will put Morgan over the edge.

It looks like Teresa Castillo will be headed off to maternity leave within the next few weeks, and that means Sabrina will be leaving town. Fans are hoping Carlos does the right thing and tells Franco the truth to save the love of his life. Carlos hasn't always done the right thing, and this is his opportunity to make things right with the woman he desperately wants to be with.