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'General Hospital' spoilers: Will Rafe die before Patrick finds out the truth?

Jason Thompson
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

General Hospital” has had several story lines dragging on for weeks. Between the accident that caused baby Santiago's death and the situation between Ava and Sonny, there have been a lot of pieces to keep up with. Last week things came to a head with Patrick and Sam finding out about Rafe being the driver of the car that forced him off the road. Fans watched as Rafe fled from Dante and Sam with Molly in his car and then crashed. According to a July 4 report from We Love Soaps, Rafe's condition is going to deteriorate this week.

Rumors have been swirling about what will happen to Rafe and Molly on “General Hospital.” Several outlets were saying Molly would be raped, and others were saying Rafe would die of an overdose because of his drug use. It appears that it was all wild speculation and the car accident was the major event which was referenced a while back. Molly is obviously going to survive the crash but it looks like Rafe may die before he can tell Patrick everything about the crash that killed his son.

Fans of “General Hospital” have been talking about the possible pairing of Sam and Patrick (Samtrick) because of the accident investigation. Sam has been there for Patrick when Robin wasn't, and that seems to bring the two closer together. While the full jury is still out on the matter, Twitter is full of positive comments for “Samtrick.” Whether you love or hate the pairing, Kelly Monaco and Jason Thompson have great on-screen chemistry.

While it will be sad to see Rafe leave the “General Hospital” canvas, the character has run its course. The burning question now is whether or not Rafe will get the chance to out the person who wanted him to run Patrick and Sabrina off the road before he dies in the hospital. The upcoming week in Port Charles is going to be filled with plenty of guilt and sorrow.

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