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'General Hospital' spoilers: Will Maxie and Nathan hook up?

Kirsten Storms
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

General Hospital” has been heating up this summer. Several possible couples pairings have been introduced to fans, and some are quite popular. Sam and Patrick (Samtrick) have been closely working together to find out who caused the crash which led to baby Gabriel's death. Maxie and Nathan have sexual chemistry that you can cut with a knife, and it looks like the writers may be headed to pair them together. According to a new video posted June 30 to the official “General Hospital” Facebook page, Nathan tells Maxie she has beautiful eyes while under the fireworks.

Britt and Nikolas (Brik) were a match made in heaven. Both are incredibly good-looking and come from twisted families. “General Hospital” writers paired them together but ripped them apart when the truth about Ben being Dante and Lulu's son came out. Now Britt is trying hard to get back in Nikolas' good graces, even going as far as going to bat for Elizabeth with Dr. Obrecht. It looks like “Brik” might be spending the holiday together with Spencer's help.

Fans of “General Hospital” have been complaining about Levi and Maxie as a pairing since they came back to Port Charles earlier this year. Twitter is buzzing about pairing Nathan and Maxie together, and most of the comments are in favor of the couple. Nathan has already proved he has Maxie's best interests at heart, which included lying to a judge and putting his badge in danger. Who wouldn't love this guy?

As the Fourth of July fast approaches in Port Charles, “General Hospital” fans are waiting to see the chemistry blossom. Sam and Patrick have a unique connection, but will “Samtrick” be an actual couple? “Brik” is on the way to revival thanks to Spencer, but will it last? And finally, Nathan expresses his interest in Maxie, will she accept his advances and ditch Levi?

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