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'General Hospital' spoilers: What more could Madeline and Dr. Obrecht be hiding?

Donna Mills plays Madeline Reeves on "General Hospital"
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

When Dr. Britt Westbourne arrived in Port Charles, “General Hospital” fans wondered what her backstory was. While it has taken a while to piece together, fans are starting to understand how Britt was connected to Port Charles. According to an April 9 report from Celebrity Dirty Laundry, “General Hospital” fans learned that Dr. Obrecht and Madeline Reeves are sisters. This was shocking news that no one could have seen coming.

There has been speculation about how Dr. Obrecht and Madeline Reeves were connected, but sisters wasn't on the top of the list. As it turns out, Madeline is the older of the two and changed her name from Martha Westbourne to Madeline West when she left home. As the story unfolded, “General Hospital” fans learned more shocking details. Detective Nathan West visited Madeline down in the holding cells. When he left, Dr. Obrecht announced that he was her son. There aren't any details on what happened or why he was raised with Madeline, but fans can be certain the story will be told.

Fans are beginning to wonder where this is all headed and why the writers made Britt and Detective West brother and sister. Some “General Hospital” fans still believe there is a chance that Britt may have been Nina's unborn child, but the theory is unlikely now. There is still a lot of background information fans need in order for all the pieces to fit, and it looks like much of it may come out during May sweeps.

What will happen when Detective West finds out his mother is the criminally insane Dr. Obrecht? Fans are hoping that he forms a bond with Britt and they end up staying in Port Charles while their mother and aunt ride off into the sunset. To keep up to date on the story as is unfolds, tune into “General Hospital” weekdays at 1 p.m. CT on ABC.

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