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'General Hospital' spoilers: What is Nina Clay hiding?

Michelle Stafford
Photo by Frazer Harrison

General Hospital” got a lot more complicated with the arrival of Nina Clay. Rumors of Michelle Stafford being hired lasted for months before she finally made her debut appearance. Stafford comes from a prominent role on “The Young and the Restless,” so there are plenty of preconceived notions about her. According to a June 6 report from Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Nina Clay may be hiding a lot from her husband, Silas. Right now Nina appears helpless, but that isn't what fans believe.

The entire story line with Nina and Silas Clay is a little baffling. She was supposed to have died, but she showed up in town the very day Sam and Silas (fans named them Siam) exchanged I love you's. There is definitely something fishy going on, and fans want to know exactly what Nina's plans are. Siam fans are not enjoying her arrival, and it is causing a lot of upset.

Twitter has been buzzing about the grand entrance Michelle Stafford made. Fans all believe there is something to hide, but what is it? Theories are being talked about, including the fact that Kiki may really be Nina and Silas' daughter. Timing makes sense, and the fact that Ava could have easily gotten the baby from Madeline comes into play. Nina has yet to mention the child she was supposed to have with Silas, which is odd.

Whatever the writers of “General Hospital” have up their sleeves is going to be good. Michelle Stafford was highly desired when she left her role at “The Young and the Restless,” and casting her was nothing less than brilliant. Fans are looking forward to more information about Nina, especially what she is hiding. Now that Nathan knows his “sister” is alive and in Port Charles, what doors will that open? Tune into “General Hospital” weekdays on ABC to find out what is next for Michelle Stafford as Nina Clay.

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