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General Hospital spoilers week of 7/28/14

It's going to be an explosive Summer in Port Charles.
The mob war between the Corinthos and Jerome crime families is on it's way to a blow up this summer.
The latest General Hospital promo features everyone from Julian to Shawn once again whipping out their guns and pointing them at someone. Whose life is threatened?

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Franco will help Ava take down Sonny. Ava for his help and he agrees. Ava asks him to retrieve the recording incriminating Sonny in the killing of AJ Quartermaine. What will Carly do when she finds out?

Shawn and Jordan's argument ends in a liplock. Now that Mickey knows that Jordan is DEA he plans to eliminate her. As Jordan moves closer to exposing Fluke. Mickey confronts corners Jordan. Shawn shoots Mickey to save Jordan.

Tracy will scheme to get Mickeys heart for Alice. Mickey's heart turns out to be a perfect match.

As Tracy remains clueless about Fluke she continues to scheme to gain control of ELQ with Fluke..
Ned and Olivia will get close..

Sam is very suspicious of Nina. Sam witnesses what she thinks is a very intimate scene between Silas and Nina. She has no idea Silas has been drugged.

When Patrick insists on helping Sam investigate Nina, they look for answers about who leaked the story to the press Sam asks Sonny for help.

Julian is pissed about the heroin laced coke. He decides he wants out of the mob to have a life with Alexis. Julian is violently angry when a bomb goes off in Alexis' house.
A warning from Fluke against Julian's family. Jordan realizes that the bomb was from their boss. Julian wants revenge on Fluke. Julian talks to Jordan about the explosion and who is responsible.

Britt and Spencer's plan unravels so Britt has to up her game since Liz is about to make her feelings known.

Michael will eventually learn that Sonny killed AJ and Carly knew all about it and didn’t tell him.

General Hospital can be seen weekdays on ABC at 2 p.m.

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