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'General Hospital' spoilers: Truths are revealed in Port Charles

Ric tries to woo Elizabeth next week on 'General Hospital'
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

There are big things ahead on the next few episodes of “General Hospital.” Just when will the truth be revealed to everybody about Ben? What kinds of crazy developments are ahead for the residents Port Charles? She Knows Soaps shared the latest “General Hospital” spoilers on March 21.

Monday's show will feature Nikolas and Britt's engagement party, and Brad will be threatened by Dr. Obrecht. Ric and Alexis will have confrontation, as she wants to know more about his ties to Julian. “General Hospital” spoilers reveal that Tuesday will be a big day, as Lulu has a "wild assertion" that she reveals at the engagement party. Luke and Sonny will talk about the Jeromes while Julian apparently is offended by what Alexis says to him. Also, Silas will have his apartment broken into.

Wednesday's show will also be a big one, as “General Hospital” spoilers indicate Dr. Obrecht's latest scheme causes Lulu and Dante to be completely appalled. Britt will get a dressing down from Nikolas while Elizabeth is wooed by Ric. Some news that is revealed will be a big surprise for Nathan.

Later in the week, Ava will be caught by Kiki as she tries to sneak in to AJ's room. Dante has a lot of questions for Britt regarding Ben, while Silas has a big confession to make about Nina. “General Hospital” spoilers reveal that on Friday's show Carly will learn just who shot AJ. This is going to be an explosive episode, that much is clear. Silas and Nathan will team up, which sounds intriguing, while Nikolas heads to Elizabeth's place. However, there apparently is danger nearby and it sounds like there's a cliffhanger for fans ahead.

Tune in to “General Hospital” weekdays on ABC to see what goes down next in Port Charles.

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