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General Hospital Spoilers the week of 7/28/14

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Please be aware this is a spoiler, so stop reading if you do not like to know what is ahead on General Hospital.

We know that the time is coming for Jason Morgan to come home. Robin has been slaving over a hot beaker trying to bring back the one true love of her life. No not Patrick, but Jason. You do not leave your husband and precious daughter to take a chance on bringing a friend back to life. Dr. Frankenstein I presume? Sorry Robin you are so done!!

Here is a spoiler that will help set up the coming of the heralded Saint Jason. If he is played by Billy Miller then he will truly be a saint.

Sam is convinced that Nina is trying to sabotage her relationship with Silas because she wants her husband back, all to herself. Nina was successful in doing so. After “someone” leaked private information that was between Patrick and Sam, Sam and Silas cannot see eye to eye. Silas is resentful toward Sam for spending so much time with Patrick and for taking his side, and Sam is angry with Silas for believing that Nina isn’t capable of leaking the information to the press, and putting Nina first ever since she came to Port Charles.

Sam thinks she sees her late husband, Jason Morgan, and goes chasing after him. The scene does not involve Jason Morgan. It is actually an actor by the name of Mitchell Fink who is playing an orderly that resembles Jason. However, that orderly is headed towards a room. In the room the orderly apologizes for having to lock the door on his bosses orders. His boss being Victor Cassadine. Behind that door, is Jason Morgan. Sam is oh so close!

Sam asks Patrick to help her investigate Nina. Sam and Patrick go to the clinic. Patrick recognizes Robin’s handwriting in Nina’s chart.

Robin is hiding Jason in that clinic. Patrick wants to see Robin.

Two more tidbits : Josslyn helps Spencer remain in hiding.

Levi is out for treasures.

This is a build up to a dramatic resurfacing of two of Port Charles most famous residents and more drama for Maxie and Nicholas.

Thanks to General Hospital Blog for the spoilers.

General Hospital can be seen weekdays on ABC at 2 p.m.

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