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'General Hospital' spoilers: The identity of 'Fluke' to be revealed this fall

Anthony Geary is Luke Spencer on "General Hospital"
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

General Hospital” has been working on the “Fluke” story line for quite some time. Fans have been speculating who is masquerading around town as fake Luke, and there are several theories now. From Bill Eckert to Jerry Jacks, everyone is a suspect. According to a June 26 report from TV Guide, fans won't know the true identity of “Fluke” until this fall when Anthony Geary returns to “General Hospital.” Geary always takes a winter and summer vacation, but this year he is taking six months off to recover from back surgery.

Rumors have been floating around that Anthony Geary was demanding more money for his role as Luke Spencer on “General Hospital.” While it is possible he wanted a raise, his extended time off is due to back surgery. Geary shared that he had two breaks in his spine and needed surgery to repair them. This comes as news to some fans who had no idea there were any issues with Geary's health.

Twitter is always filled with comments about “General Hospital.” The feed for “Fluke” on Twitter has been going crazy this morning. Fans are commenting about the name “Fluke” being put in the “General Hospital” script after fans started using that to identify the imposter on the internet. It shows that the writers do listen to what fans are saying.

The news about the wait to find out about who is impersonating Luke is disappointing to most, but some are taking it as an opportunity to use their super sleuth skills. Anthony Geary is in Amsterdam recovering from his two back surgeries, and he is reportedly doing well. When Geary returns in the fall, fans will finally get to know who “Fluke” is, and what his motives have been the entire time. Will it be Bill Eckert back in Port Charles, or someone totally off the wall that fans haven't even considered?

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