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'General Hospital' spoilers: Shawn and Jordan grow close as Sam and Silas end

Maura West and William deVry play Ava and Julian Jerome
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

The love front on “General Hospital” is getting heated. Julian and Alexis are one of the hottest couples, and it looks like many of the Port Charles residents are following suit. For a few weeks now fans have been speculating about the relationship between Shawn and Jordan. Is there more than meets the eye? According to a July 19 report from We Love Soaps, the desire between the two will heat up this week. There is definitely more to their relationship than fans know, and it looks like the writers are exploring that.

Ava is going to ask Julian for his help this week. It looks like Julian is only going to help her if she comes clean about Sonny, but Ava may not be able to do it. Now that Julian is back in town, there is going to be a message sent to him by Mickey Diamond. While it is unclear what it may be, speculation is that Alexis may be shot. Rumors of this spread a few months back. No confirmation has been made about the situation other than a message is sent. It was Lucas last time, who will it be this time?

With Rafe's life ending last week, the upcoming week is going to have a lot of focus on Sam and Silas (Siam). Yesterday the official Twitter page for “General Hospital” asked if Nina would come between “Siam,” and it looks like that is exactly what happens. Sam is backing Patrick, and Silas needs someone in his corner. Nina will sweep in and be the person Silas needs, and that is going to be the downfall of “Siam.”

Port Charles is going to be busy this week on “General Hospital.” From Shawn and Jordan to Sam and Silas, many relationship decisions will be made. Patrick will be going through his own issues with Silas' claims of malpractice and Dr. Obrecht pressuring him to make a statement first. This is one week you won't want to miss!

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