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'General Hospital' spoilers: Sam gets a shocker, Nik reacts to Ric news

How will Nik react to the news about Ric?
Photo courtesy of Craig Sjodin/ABC, used with permission

There is a lot about to go down this coming week on “General Hospital” if spoilers are any indication of the chaos ahead. On Saturday the show's webpage shared some teasers, and there is a lot to keep up with. What can fans expect to see happen throughout the week of June 2?

Ava will get her pregnancy test done, and Sonny is feeling a bit of anxiety. Will she really be pregnant? Fans have plenty of theories about this one, with some thinking she won't be and others thinking Morgan will be the father if she is. Few seem to be embracing the idea that Sonny's super swimmers would have gotten yet another woman pregnant.

In addition, “General Hospital” spoilers indicate that this week Nik will have quite the reaction to the Ric news while one of the show's teens gets pulled into drugs. Maxie will get some support at the custody hearing while Morgan struggles to forgive Sonny.

Sam will have someone unexpected show up at her door. While some are hoping it's Jason, most are bettting it's Nina Clay. Michelle Stafford finally sinks her teeth into the role this week, and it should make for some great drama.

We Love Soaps adds some additional “General Hospital” spoilers to the mix. During Monday's show Silas and Sam become closer while Lucas is comforted by Julian. On Tuesday Carly gets some unexpected news while there are quite a few surprises at Danny's party. Spoilers reveal that Nathan is the one who helps Maxie with the judge, and Sonny opens up to Carly about his sticky situation.

During Thursday's episode of “General Hospital,” spoilers indicate that Ava and Carly will fight. Sonny is asking Morgan to forgive him while Sam is concerned about Silas. During the Friday episode, Maxie and Nathan grow closer while Sonny takes control with Ava. There definitely will be a lot to keep up with this week, and fans can't wait. “General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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