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'General Hospital' spoilers: Robin set to return, will she bring Jason with her?

The character of Robin is headed back to Port Charles, it seems
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Kimberly McCullough is returning to “General Hospital,” it seems, according to a photo she posted on her Twitter page on Sunday. Though the full scoop on Robin's return isn't known as of yet, many fans figured she would be back at some point soon. Will fans embrace this latest return?

McCullough tweeted a photo of a stack of papers, which seemingly is her script to memorize. She said, “A day in the life of a soap actor. Say 'soap-y' I dare you. #notthewholescript #onlymyscenes.” Granted Kimberly doesn't specifically say that it's a “General Hospital” script, but it wouldn't come as a big surprise given the general state of affairs right now in Port Charles.

Naturally McCullough's fans are thrilled with the “General Hospital” spoiler tease that Robin is seemingly returning to Port Charles. Most would imagine she'll bring Jason Morgan with her, or at least that's the prevailing theory. There have been rumors that Billy Miller is on-board now to take over the role previously played by Steve Burton, but the network has yet to confirm anything of that nature. Some speculate that he may be joining the soap, but to play a different character.

Of course there's also the fact that Sabrina is gone for a bit, and Patrick is mourning the death of little Gabriel. There definitely seems to be a window of opportunity for Robin to return, but that doesn't mean everybody is thrilled. Soap Opera Digest shared the Kimberly McCullough return news on their Facebook page, and fans were definitely opinionated on this one.

Many “GH” fans were frustrated at how Robin was written out this last time, and it appears that the frustration carries over into this return. It seems highly unlikely that McCullough will stick around for very long in this return, but nobody knows for certain. Some “General Hospital” fans feel that Kimberly's coming-and-going holds the character of Patrick in a bit of a holding pattern, and they'd like to see him able to move on. Others still hope for Robin and Patrick to make it work long-term.

Just what does Kimberly McCullough's return mean for Patrick, Emma, Jason and the rest in Port Charles? More should be revealed soon, including timing of when Robin will pop up on-screen. Tune in to “General Hospital” airing weekdays on ABC to see how the groundwork is laid for Robin to swoop back into town.

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