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'General Hospital' spoilers: Robin prepares to leave and Britt answers Nikolas

Kimberly McCullough
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Valentine's Day was a big event in Port Charles last week and it will continue into the upcoming week. "General Hospital" is directly in the middle of February sweeps and several heavy story lines. Fans are waiting for Nikolas to propose to Britt, even with the looming doom cloud that is Ben's paternity. According to a Feb. 14 report from We Love Soaps, this will be the week that Kimberly McCullough will prepare to exit "General Hospital." Robin has already informed Victor Cassadine about her decision, now she has to say good-bye to her family and friends.

The upcoming week of "General Hospital" is going to be filled with drama. Elizabeth has already confronted Britt with the paternity results. While Elizabeth is missing the part where Lulu is Ben's mother, she is headed to tell Dante that he is the father. Kiki and Michael are still at odds over the Franco situation. Sonny will get into Michael's ear and cause him to doubt Kiki. Molly and TJ are going to take their relationship all the way, and there is speculation that she will end up pregnant. Ric Lansing (Molly's dad) is headed back to Port Charles and this could be the reason.

Fans are looking forward to the upcoming events in Port Charles. "General Hospital" has been climbing in ratings and fans are invested in several of these story lines that have developed. Several of the older cast members have been brought back and "General Hospital" is beginning to feel a lot more familiar to many fans.

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