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'General Hospital' spoilers: Robin Mattson is returning

Robin Mattson
Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

"General Hospital" fans will be happy to hear that one character is making a big return to the show. On Friday, Celeb Dirty Laundry shared that Robin Mattson is officially coming back to the show. Her character Heather Webber is Franco's crazy mom and who knows what she will be up to when she comes into Port Charles.

Robin Mattson went to her Facebook page to share the news, but didn't talk about why she was coming back or even when it would happen. She simply said that she will be back soon. Now the speculation starts and viewers want to know when she will be back and why.

Heather is not a sane person. The fact that Carly has been sleeping with Sonny will not go over well with her if she finds out. She wanted to kill Carly once and it is very possible that she would want to try it again. Heather is not a fan and is not going to be thrilled that the two are still together. It is unknown at this time how long she will be around on "GH."

Soap Opera Network shared that Frank Valentini said that plenty of villains will be staying around Port Charles. Even though fake Luke is gone for the moment there will be people to take his place as the bad guy. The last time that Heather was in town she was seen being taken off to jail and that was about six months ago. Don't miss the big return of Robin Mattson to "General Hospital."

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