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'General Hospital' spoilers: Robin faces backlash over her decision

Family and friends learn of Robin's decision on 'General Hospital'
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

This is going to be a big week on “General Hospital” according to the latest spoilers about the episodes ahead. What can fans expect? She Knows Soaps shared the latest tidbits on Feb. 23, and it's clear that fans will want to have their tissues handy.

Monday is episode 13,000 for “General Hospital,” and spoilers indicate that this will show heartbreaking moments for Robin and Patrick. She's going to leave Patrick and Emma to try to help Jason, but Patrick isn't going to let her go without speaking from his heart.

Also on Monday viewers will see “new twists and turns” for TJ and Molly, while Kiki and Michael consider what comes next in their relationship. In addition, AJ will try to figure out exactly what happened the night Connie was murdered.

Tuesday Carlos will try to wrangle Ava to get her hands dirty since she's in a tough spot. TJ and Julian talk, and what Julian shares about his chat with the PCPD regarding the warehouse shooting seems to throw TJ for a loop. Alexis will be questioning why someone has returned to Port Charles.

“General Hospital” spoilers indicate that when TJ opens up to Shawn and Sonny about his discussion with Julian, they will have strong opinions about what should happen next. Kiki gets to see the file on her father via Nathan's help, and he warns her there are some disturbing details enclosed. Sonny will visit “the Metro Court's latest occupant.”

On Thursday Patrick will tell Sabrina about what is happening with Robin. AJ is attacked by Carlos, while Delia, Silas and Sam go over their plan regarding Nakamura. “General Hospital” spoilers for Friday's show indicate this is one that will require many tissues. Robin “breaks emotional news to friends and family,” but Anna suspects there's more she isn't sharing. Lulu will get some support from Sonny regarding Dante, while AJ is shaken by some new memories regarding Connie's murder. He decides Ava may have the answers he needs.

Tune in to “General Hospital” weekdays on ABC to see just what comes next for the residents of Port Charles.

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