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'General Hospital' spoilers: 'No one is safe' as plans crumble and drama rises

Just what is 'Luke' up to this week on 'General Hospital'?
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Fans are anxious for “General Hospital” spoilers for the week and there is a lot about to go down in Port Charles. On Monday, April 14, She Knows Soaps shared all of the latest “GH” spoilers for fans to ponder. Will AJ's killer be revealed? Will Sonny crumble under the pressure?

During Monday's show Dante will fill in Lulu in regards to Obrecht's suggestion. Nikolas has an offer for Liz while Michael wants information from Anna. Nathan seemingly receives some very interesting details from Madeline.

“General Hospital” spoilers indicate that Sonny is feeling haunted by his conscience. Fans of the character of Ned Ashton will be thrilled to see him return to Port Charles on Tuesday's show. Also Tuesday, Julian and Ava will have an interesting conversation about their individual misdeeds.

The show's Facebook page shares some juicy spoilers for the week that indicate it is all about the villains in these next few episodes. Something is definitely up with Luke and Ned seems to have some ideas. The promo teases that “no one is safe” and Luke even threatens to kill Ned in the midst of their discussion.

Sonny will continue to be acting erratically throughout the week and this overwhelms Olivia on Wednesday's episode. Also on Wednesday, Sabrina and Patrick will find out whether they are having a boy or a girl. This week “General Hospital” spoilers indicate that Carlos is nervous that he will get pinned for AJ's murder and he is taken in for questioning by Dante and Anna.

Thursday Sonny will open up to Ava while Nathan is confronted by an obstacle to deal with at home. Lulu has some questions for Britt about Olbrecht. At the end of the week, “General Hospital” spoilers share that Sonny is warned about Luke by Spencer while Franco pulls Carly into a new scheme.

Carlos is about to confess to the police, but Ava is trying to get to him first. The webs are unraveling and fans can't wait to see it all play out. Tune into new episodes of “General Hospital” airing weekdays on ABC to see what goes down in Port Charles next.

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