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'General Hospital' spoilers: Michelle Stafford joins the show

Michelle Stafford
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

New "General Hospital" spoilers are out and Michelle Stafford is joining the show. Rumors have been flying about this for a while now. On Friday, Soap Opera Digest shared this big news with everyone. She used to play Phyllis on "Young and the Restless" so working on these shows is not new to her.

Sam and Silas have been working really hard to try to solve the murder of Nina Clay. Silas didn't hear that she was dead until several weeks after her supposed death. Now it turns out that she wasn't dead at all and will be returning. Michelle Stafford will be taking on that part.

It all started today and fans just briefly got to see her. It was enough to shock them and make them want to know exactly what is going on with her. Madeline made sure that Nathan knew she was still alive before she headed off to trial, but that obviously isn't enough information. Port Charles is going to be trying to figure out exactly what happened in this crazy situation.

This is a big pick up for "GH." It sounds like every single soap out there was trying to get Michelle Stafford. It is unknown how much they had to pay to get her, but it was probably hard to get her on the show. They did a great job by adding her to the cast.

Michelle has been on her Twitter account today but she isn't saying anything. She hasn't explained that she will be on "GH" or even talked about it. Her fans are happy to see her back on television again though and they want more from her.

Don't miss the new episodes of "General Hospital" when they air every weekday on ABC. The fact that Nina is still alive is going to be a big deal and fans are ready for it. This could change everything.

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