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'General Hospital' spoilers: More of Levi's past is revealed

Kirsten Storms
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

General Hospital” fans have hated Levi since he arrived in Port Charles. At first it was because the story line was so unbelievable, but that has evolved. Levi has ties to the town. There has been speculation about who his father is, but there hasn't been any solid evidence. According to an August 23 report from We Love Soaps, there will be more revelations about Levi on “General Hospital” during the upcoming week.

When it was announced Zachary Garred would be playing Levi Dunkleman on “General Hospital,” fans were unsure where he would fit in. Some of the speculations lead back to Jerry Jacks being Levi's father because of the Australian accent. While it is a possibility, some believe there is way more to the story. It also appears that Dante and Nathan will find something out that shocks them both. Will they know who Levi has connections to before Lulu or Maxie find out?

Zachary Garred has been quite patient with fans who have ripped Levi to shreds across social media. A sign of a great actor is to promote emotions in the viewers, and that is exactly what has happened in this case. Since the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been taking over everything, Garred decided to take the challenge. He shared his video and commented about how many fans would have loved to dump the bucket over Levi's head.

This is going to be a big week on “General Hospital.” Will fans be given the information about Levi's father they have been waiting for? Head to Port Charles this week to find out what will be revealed about Levi's past and his connections to Maxie.

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