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'General Hospital' spoilers: More 'Julexis' and 'Samtrick' on the way for fans

Nancy Lee Grahn plays half of "General Hospital's" hot new couple, "Julexis"
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

General Hospital” is getting ready for some big reveals this month. Fans have been waiting for quite some time for the new Jason to be revealed, and many are speculating this month is when he will appear. Thaao Penghlis is returning as Victor Cassadine, but it isn't known for how long. There has been a big uproar about Sam and Patrick hooking up. According to an August 1 report from We Love Soaps, there will be plenty of “Samtrick” scenes this upcoming week. Sparks are flying with couples in Port Charles!

Shawn and Jordan have been growing close, despite their attempts to stay apart. This week Shawn will find out what happened with Jordan and Mickey Diamond while at the hotel. Some “General Hospital” fans are speculating that there is more to their relationship than meets the eye. Is Shawn T.J.'s father? There are so many layers with this relationship and fans are eating it up!

Julexis” is one of the hottest couples on “General Hospital” right now. They even have their own “army” throughout Twitter. After the bomb blew up Alexis' lake house, Julian knows he has to do some explaining. This week, Julian will come clean to Alexis. Rumors have been circulating about the couple possibly getting married, but has that idea been thrown out the window? Alexis is one tough cookie, but Julian seems to be the only one that can break her.

This upcoming week on “General Hospital” is all about the couples fans love. Now that “Samtrick” is in the works, fans are wondering how far they will get before Jason ends up in Port Charles. “Julexis” may be on the rocks, but Julian will find a way to smooth it over? Will Alexis and Julian finally move in together? Tune in to “General Hospital” weekdays at 1 p.m. CT on ABC to find out what is happening with your favorite couples.

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