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'General Hospital' spoilers: Monica confronts Silas about donating Rafe's heart

Michael Easton plays Silas Clay
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

General Hospital” has a lot going on right now. From the car accident that left Rafe brain-dead to Robin's inevitable return, there is plenty of drama to keep fans entertained. July has already started off steamy and it looks like that is not going to change. According to a July 11 report from We Love Soaps, Monica is planning to ask Silas to donate Rafe's heart to Alice. While that is likely going to happen, will it affect the relationship between Michael and Kiki?

Right now “General Hospital” has been focusing a lot on the baby Gabriel story line while trying to incorporate everything else. Now that it was revealed that Rafe was driving the car that ran Patrick and Sabrina off the road, it looks like things are wrapping up. Rafe is brain-dead and almost certainly going to be the one to save Alice. Morgan and Kiki are growing closer and it looks like old feelings are being re-kindled. This is going to cause issues for Michael and Kiki as he confronts her this week.

Fans are talking about Maxie and Nathan being one of the best almost-couples on “General Hospital.” Rumors about Maxie getting married have been circulating the web, and it looks like the announcement will be made at the end of the week. Yesterday the executive producer Frank Valentini asked fans on Twitter whether they thought Maxie and Nathan were in denial over their feelings. The response was an overwhelming “yes,” which indicates they probably plan to pair them together at some point.

It looks like Levi and Maxie will be the ones headed down the aisle on “General Hospital” next. Fans are hoping Nathan jumps in to save Maxie, but no one is sure how this will all play out. As for Alice getting Rafe's heart, fans expect the story line to draw out a little more before Silas gives in. Some suspect there may be an investigation into Patrick's conduct during the surgery.

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