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'General Hospital' spoilers: Luke threatens Ned and Ava's secret may be exposed

Julian and Ava Jerome on "General Hospital"
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

The lies around Port Charles are being compounded and the pile is getting higher and higher. From murderous secrets to impersonations, “General Hospital” has a lot going on. The actors at the forefront have done a great job with the story and it looks like this week will be a turning point for the people of Port Charles. According to an April 14 video posted on the official “General Hospital” Facebook page, Luke makes a deadly threat and the identity of Connie's real killer may be revealed. As May sweeps approaches, nothing is off the table.

The murder of Connie has played out for quite some time on “General Hospital.” Just before A.J. Quartermaine died fans learned that Ava was the real shooter. The preview shows Carlos in police custody threatening Ava on the phone. If he tells her secret, she will go after Sabrina. Rumors have been swirling about something happening to the “Patrina” (Patrick and Sabrina) baby and this may have something to do with Ava harming Sabrina. Fans are looking forward to Ava getting served justice.

Luke Spencer obviously is being impersonated, but no one knows who is behind it for sure. Theories have Jerry Jacks and Bill Eckert pegged, but no hard evidence is in play for either theory. Wally Kurth is back on “General Hospital” this week, and Ned is on to Luke. When Luke threatens to kill him if he stands in the way, fans are hoping Ned realizes that he is not the real deal.

Twitter has been buzzing for weeks about the events taking place in Port Charles. The “General Hospital” Twitter feed is full of speculations and theories. As May approaches, things will begin to pick up and resolutions will occur. There are so many possibilities that could come about from the secrets and lies, but the main question fans want answers to during May sweeps is Luke Spencer.

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