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'General Hospital' spoilers: Lucy mourns Rafe and tries to win Scotty back

Lynn Herring plays Lucy Coe
Photo by Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images

It has been an emotional few weeks for “General Hospital” fans. Viewers watched as Rafe was named the driver of the car that ran Patrick and Sabrina off the road. In an effort to save himself, Rafe made some decisions which ended up costing him his life. The scenes where Silas turned off life support were rough to watch. Rafe's family was there, except one important person. According to a July 22 report from Soap Opera Digest, Lucy was not present for Rafe's final moments because the writers thought adding her character to the mix would be overkill.

Lucy Coe has been a fan-favorite on “General Hospital” for quite some time. Lynn Herring has brought several dimensions to the character and fans eat it up. It was upsetting that Lucy wasn't there to say good-bye to her “nephew” when other characters were put front and center. Ron Carlivati explained that it was too much to have Lucy added to the scenes which were already quite busy. When Lucy returned to Port Charles, she was given her own moment to mourn the loss of Rafe with her best friend Felicia.

Now that Lucy is back in Port Charles, she wants to reclaim Scotty Baldwin as her own. Her marriage with Kevin is over now, so why shouldn't she move on? It looks like things are going to get complicated on “General Hospital” with Lucy, Scotty, and Bobbie. According to a tweet sent out by Jackie Zeman (Bobbie), there is going to be some confrontation within the love triangle.

As the “General Hospital” writers work to incorporate the older characters into the show, fans are going to have to make concessions about what they expect. Ron Carlivati and the other staff members are working hard to incorporate nostalgia back into Port Charles. Lucy is back and has had her moment of mourning. The next step for her is to find out whether or not Scotty will attempt a reconciliation with her.

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