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'General Hospital' spoilers: Jordan is outted and Spinelli is back on-screen

Bradford Anderson
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

General Hospital” has been pretty crazy lately. There is a lot going on in Port Charles, but much of it is about to come to a head. Julian decided he wanted to quit the mob, but it isn't that easy. Jordan is moving mass amounts of drugs through Port Charles and it appears her cover is about to be blown. According to a May 16 report from We Love Soaps, Carly and Franco seek help from a friend regarding A.J.'s cell phone. Does this mean that Spinelli will be appearing this week?

Bradford Anderson mentioned he would be back on “General Hospital” for a short stint. It appears that Carly and Franco were in route to see Spinelli to have him find out what A.J.'s phone recorded. This would make sense because Maxie will be receiving a court order this week, which leads fans to believe she may be getting to see Georgie again. Fans have been missing Spinelli in Port Charles so a short appearance will make them quite happy.

The “General Hospital” Twitter feed is buzzing from all the suspense between Julian and Luke. Fans already know that Luke Spencer is an impostor, but who is he? Julian told him that he was out of the mob, but nothing is that easy in Port Charles. Luke headed to see Alexis after Julian's announcement, but what will happen? Speculation is that he possibly shoots her, but not everyone is convinced. “Julexis” (Julian and Alexis) fans are holding their breath until they find out what happens.

It looks like the upcoming week is going to be full of reveals and familiar faces. What will Kevin say to Lucy about their marriage? T.J.'s spirits are crushed when he learns the truth about Jordan. Fans are anxious to find out if Luke's true identity will be revealed or fans will at least get a hint. “General Hospital” is in the middle of May sweeps, so anything goes at this point.

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