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'General Hospital' spoilers: Is Sabrina leaving the show or being recast?

Teresa Castillo
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

"General Hospital" fans love the way things are right now and hate the idea of actresses changing around on this soap opera. On Tuesday, Soaps in Depth shared some news about one of the actresses on the show. It looks like the actress that plays Sabrina might be leaving the show. This would mean Teresa Castillo would be leaving.

The show is looking for a new actress. They want someone who looks like they originally came from Mexico and is pursuing a career in medicine. In May, Teresa will be going on maternity leave from the show. They are wanting the new actress to come in about the exact same time. That could easily mean that they are replacing her. It is perfect timing and has fans wondering what is going on.

A source spoke out saying that it is a new character, but that doesn't mean that is true. You never know with these soap operas and they also will be trying to keep it a secret if they are planning to have Sabrina be recast. They do change actresses all the time. Teresa has been on Twitter talking about the baby and things but hasn't mentioned if she is leaving or not.

Teresa Castillo confirmed to fans that she is due on May 24. That means she won't be filming for very much longer and will be taking off for her maternity leave pretty soon. Spoilers already shared that this week she will find out what if she is having a girl or a boy on "GH."

Do not miss new episodes of "General Hospital." They air every weekday on ABC. This week will have a lot of big news about Sabrina and Patrick's new baby. He is trying to be involved and even going to doctor appoints with her. Don't miss it all play out.

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