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'General Hospital' spoilers: Heather Webber set to return to Port Charles

Robin Mattson
Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

When “General Hospital” fans last saw Heather Webber she was being taken away in handcuffs. She had just dropped the bomb that Franco was her son, not Jason's twin as everyone believed. Port Charles is nothing without a little chaos, and Heather Webber is the one who creates a lot of it. According to an August 25 post from Robin Mattson on Facebook, Heather Webber will be returning to “General Hospital” soon. Mattson did not reveal an exact date, but fans are excited about the news.

Robin Mattson is one of the best actresses to be cast in a “crazy” role. Fans may remember her as Janet from another planet on “All My Children” as well. Heather Webber wreaks havoc all over Port Charles when she can. The latest incident dropped quite a bombshell and fans are interested to know what else she will say and do. “General Hospital” has been dragging out the “Fluke” story line and it is being speculated that Heather Webber may know his true identity.

“General Hospital” fans have been waiting on pins and needles to find out who “Fluke” is. The real Luke Spencer is locked away, and many assume Heather Webber's goons did it to him. We know Scotty and Luke were there together because of Heather once already. November sweeps should be when the big “Fluke” reveal happens. With the news of Robin Mattson returning to play Heather, one can only assume it isn't a mere coincidence that the dates match up closely.

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