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'General Hospital' spoilers: Dr. Obrecht returns and Nina is found out

Michelle Stafford
Photo by Frazer Harrison

General Hospital” has so much going on this summer, it is hard to focus on just one story line. From the return of Josslyn to Nina embracing Silas and Sam, fans aren't sure which way is up. The upcoming week will focus on finding out who ran Patrick and Sabrina off the road. According to a June 20 post from We Love Soaps, Sam will be helping Patrick to investigate the crash and Dr. Obrecht is back. There is a little bit of everything coming up this week.

Fans have been waiting for Dr. Obrecht to be back on “General Hospital” with another story line and it looks like that is exactly what is going to happen this week. Obrecht needs or wants something from Franco, but what is their connection? It was confirmed last week that Thaao Penghlis would be returning as Victor Cassadine. Many assume he is the father of Nathan West, something Dr. Obrecht may want to keep quiet.

The Twitter feed for “General Hospital” has been busy with comments about Nina hiding something. It was also revealed that this week Nina will be showing her true colors. The manipulation game has been played a little too well. Siam (Sam and Silas) fans are having a fit about Nina breaking up their beloved couple, but Jason is on his way back later this summer. Will this be the week fans find out Nina can actually walk and has been playing up her condition to rope Silas back in?

This summer on “General Hospital” is going to be quite revealing. Fans are hoping to learn more about a lot of the characters. Dr. Obrecht will be back to cause trouble for the residents of Port Charles. Carly and Sonny will be unintentionally making Franco jealous, and Josslyn will still be an issue for the couple as well. Will it be found out that Rafe truly was the one driving the car that ran Patrick and Sabrina off the road, or was that just another rumor?

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