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'General Hospital' spoilers: Did Rafe run Patrick and Sabrina off the road?

Teresa Castillo
Photo by Charley Gallay

General Hospital” fans have just witnessed one of the most painful story lines the show has dealt with in quite some time. Sabrina and Patrick's son died as a result of being born too early after their vehicle was involved in a hit-and-run. “Patrina” fans are absolutely heartbroken. Fans are interested in finding out who caused the accident, and it looks like the likely suspects are in the clear. According to a June 5 report from Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Rafe was the one who hit Sabrina and Patrick the night she delivered their son.

Fans were just re-introduced to Rafe after he had been off-screen for what seemed like forever. The fact that the writers would choose Rafe to be the culprit of the hit-and-run makes perfect sense. “Fluke” and Ava both let Spencer and Carlos believe they caused the accident, but neither one of them actually admitted to having the couple run off the road. Now that drugs are involved, it looks like Rafe is headed for trouble.

The “General Hospital” Twitter feed has been buzzing about the fact that Rafe was using “cocaine” on daytime television. With drugs being brought into Port Charles from the Jerome organization, it is no shock that a character would turn up as a drug user. The question is whether or not this story line will be dragged out through the next sweeps or quickly put to rest in the upcoming weeks.

Another spoiler floating around is the possibility that Molly may have to deal with a rape. Since Rafe has always been in love with her, could he be the culprit? “Fluke” was the prime suspect when the rumor began, but now it appears fans believe it may be Rafe. The writers are dealing with some heavy stuff, and it looks like the teens just got more important on the “General Hospital” canvas.

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