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'General Hospital' spoilers: Could Kiki be Nina's daughter?

Michelle Stafford
Michelle Stafford
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

"General Hospital" loves to confuse fans and throw them for a loop. Now it is starting to look like Kiki's mother might not be Ava Jerome. The two have finally started to bond over Ava's birthday and the fact that Kiki is going to have a baby brother or sister. Isn't that the perfect time to mess things up? On Tuesday, General Hospital Blog shared about this speculation and the information that backs it up.

Nina is still really broken up over the fact that she lost a child. The thing is she might not remember everything that went on. No she doesn't think she had a child, but what if she did? Silas is the father of Kiki and he is believed to have fathered her with Ava. This was all at the same time that Nina was put in the hospital.

Nina went into coma right as she found out that Ava and Silas had an affair. This was enough to make her want revenge of Ava. Nina is a bit crazy to get back at people right now and she is upset Ava got a daughter with Silas, but she didn't. She is even willing to trick him into finding a way for her to get pregnant again now.

The She Knows Soap Opera board has a huge post going on about speculation of this from fans that pay really close attention to every single thing on the show. A lot of fans feel like Nina's crazy mother came up with the idea to let Ava raise the baby as her own and this baby is Kiki. Ava and Kiki have never really seemed like the perfect loving mother and daughter.

"General Hospital" plays new episodes every weekday on ABC. Viewers can't wait to see if something comes out of this and it does turn out that Ava is not the mother of Kiki. Only time will tell how they decide to go with this story line.