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'General Hospital' spoilers: Carly's rescue is botched and Ava makes a move

Maura West
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

"General Hospital" has been building February sweeps up for months. Fans already know that Britt's baby is Dante and Lulu's, and it looks like this may be revealed soon on the show. Carly has been missing for quite some time and it looks like she may be rescued soon. All of this has kept fans on the edge of their seats. According to a Feb. 7 post from We Love Soaps, things are about to get complicated in Port Charles. Many of the story lines that have been hanging in the balance may finally get resolved.

It has been months since "General Hospital" writers have revisited Connie's murder. While the obvious suspect was A.J. Quartermaine, fans have believed all along that it was Ava Jerome. Now that A.J. is getting memories back, will the truth be revealed? After the stable collapsed on Heather and Carly, fans were unsure where the story line would lead. It looks like Carly will be found and a rescue attempt will go horribly wrong. There isn't much information on who will try and save her, but it is being said that they will be injured.

As Valentine's Day approaches in Port Charles, fans are wondering about which couples will get happy endings. Kimberly McCullough is set to leave "General Hospital' soon and this week may include her exit. Ava and Morgan are heartbroken without one another, and it is being said she may want to work for Sonny.

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