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'General Hospital' spoilers: AJ's shooting brings major fallout for Sonny, Ava

Maurice Bernard plays Sonny on 'General Hospital'
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Things have been quite explosive lately on “General Hospital” for the residents of Port Charles. AJ is near death, Robin has left, and both Ava and Sonny have things to hide. On March 10 TV Guide talked with head writer Ron Carlivati about what's going on, and fans won't want to miss the “General Hospital” spoilers he dishes out.

Carlivati says that they aren't afraid of taking characters, like Ava and Sonny, to places where it seems they cannot be redeemed. He teases that “The stakes need to be huge!” and he needs to let characters like Sonny and Ava make big mistakes. He lets on that Michael will indeed learn that Sonny shot AJ, and the fallout will be intense.

Carly, Duke and Shawn all know that Sonny shot AJ, and of course that means there will be many twists and turns ahead as Anna and the authorities try to investigate. Carlivati teases a “General Hospital” spoiler that things get even crazier with Sonny and Ava now that they have this big secret between them.

The head writer shares that it was always the plan to have Ava be Connie's killer, but as the character became more popular there was a bit of a pause. Executive producer Frank Valentini brought up the idea of making someone else the killer, but they all decided it was “a stronger move” to stick with Ava as the shooter. It will be some time, if ever, before Sonny learns the truth, but clearly it's going to be wild when and if he does.

Just what happens with Ava now? Carlivati says that their goal isn't to redeem her, but to find ways to let the audience still relate to her emotionally. He says that “In a weird way, having Ava kill Connie actually frees us up.” She's shown she will do absolutely anything, and that does open the door for juicy storylines ahead.

He also touches on having to write for Kimberly McCullough's departure, which was frustrating for fans who felt her choice to leave Emma and Patrick again may not have been authentic to the character. Carlivati explains, though, that they did what they needed to do. He shares that leaving Patrick in an “off-camera happy marriage” wasn't a valid choice for them, and the move wouldn't give them a Patrick worth writing. So while fans aren't happy with the way Robin left, chasing after helping Jason, the show sticks by the decision given they had to write Robin out for the time-being.

What do you think of what's gone down with AJ's shooting in Port Charles? Tune in to “General Hospital” weekdays on ABC to see what comes next for Ava, AJ, Sonny, Michael and the rest.

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