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'General Hospital' spoilers: A shooting stuns Port Charles residents

Just what does Ava do when confronted by AJ on 'General Hospital'?
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

New “General Hospital” spoilers are out on March 3 via She Knows Soaps, and this is clearly going to be an explosive week in Port Charles. There's a big confrontation between one pair, and a heartbreaking goodbye building for another. What can fans expect?

AJ and Ava will have a big confrontation over what he remembers about Connie's murder, and it seems that AJ will end up gravely injured. At least for the time-being, it appears, Ava's involvement will be unknown to both the authorities and those close to AJ. Michael will be by his father's side, and he will wonder whether Sonny could have been involved.

Robin and Patrick are trying to make the most of their remaining time together, but it doesn't go entirely smoothly. It seems Victor will try to convince Patrick that all hope is not lost for Robin. In other Port Charles happenings, “General Hospital” spoilers indicate that Silas will try to visit Nina, but he may not make it very far. There's been a lot of speculation about Nina perhaps coming out of her coma soon, and Michelle Stafford fans have been hoping she may step in to the role. However, Stafford has gotten a bit snarky online about those particular rumors.

Elizabeth and Ric will meet, and he has something of a revelation for her. Alexis will discover that Ric and Liz ran into one another, and it seems she's none too pleased. TJ and Molly are unhappy about their separation, and Duke may find himself in trouble with Anna. Luke lies to Tracy, then later explains why.

At the end of the week someone will be implicated in AJ's shooting, and it seems people around Port Charles will be stunned by the news. Will AJ make it through this one? How long will the details surrounding what happened remain under wraps? Tune in to “General Hospital” airing weekdays on ABC to see just what happens next.

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