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'General Hospital' speculation: Will Nikolas choose Britt or Liz?

Tyler Christopher
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

General Hospital” has been toying around with the idea of giving Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) a new (or old) love interest. Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) and Liz (Rebecca Herbst) have been vying for the prince's attention for a while now. After all of the ups and downs “Brik” has experienced, it may be impossible to reconcile. Liz just experienced Ric's (Rick Hearst) death, and she is still grieving. A July 17 post from the official “General Hospital” Facebook page asked fans to weigh in on who will win Nikolas' affection. Fans are on both sides of the fence.

Whether you are “Team Brik” or “Team Niz,” both sides can agree it is time for Nikolas to move on. Emily has been gone for quite some time and Spencer needs a mother-figure in his life. Spencer seems to want Britt back with his father and is working hard to get them to cross paths over and over again. “Niz” fans are upset that the writers have not put the duo together when clearly they have a lot to explore in their relationship.

Twitter has been blowing up over the issue of Nikolas' love life. One tweet in particular used the hashtag “Team Spencer” to signify hope of a “Brik” reunion. The scenes at the camp were incredibly sweet, and it appears that Nikolas still has feelings for Britt. Can he get past the hurt and move on? Liz is going to be showing up at camp and will throw a wrench into Spencer's plans. With the way he feels about Cameron, Spencer definitely doesn't want Liz around.

Today's episode of “General Hospital” will air tomorrow instead due to news coverage. It will be interesting to see where the writers go from here when deciding who will win Nikolas' heart. Britt and her mother will not settle for anything less than winning, so this will be a tough battle for Liz.

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