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General Hospital's Robin& Patrick....The Words Simply Fail

General Hospital's Robin and Patrick....parted again
General Hospital's Robin and Patrick....parted again
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After two years of believing she was dead, Dr. Robin-Scorpio-Drake returned only after her husband Patrick moved on, fell in love with Sabrina Santiago and now that love has led to the coming birth of a child between Patrick and Sabrina.

Que the wedding day....

Just as Patrick and Sabrina are about to say their "I do's"....your guessed it.....Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake appears and as her young daughter suddenly catches sight of her and runs into her arms the wedding stops and soon Patrick and Robin are drawn into the kiss that has waited for two long years.

A little adjustment follows and Robin and Patrick are reunited officially.

Que the sigh of relief.... but wait.....there are a few twists and turns in this road and so we happily go along for what we know will be a bumpy ride.

Sound like great Soap Opera?...It is. It's the beloved time honored American tradition of General Hospital.

In the normal course of things, the storyline between Patrick and Sabrina is the stuff soaps are made of but the powers that be at General Hospital chose instead to reunite Robin and Patrick, causing a whole new path to emerge regarding Sabrina, Patrick, their unborn baby and Patrick's choosing to let Sabrina go, to remain with his wife Robin and their child, Emma.

When Robin's portrayer Kimberly McCullough returned to the show we knew she wouldn't be staying around long. Kimberly McCullough is not only a talented actress but a very talented director as well, and so her leaving is not a huge surprise... however, for the sake of her character Robin and her family, I wonder that GH didn't consider a recast for the time that Kim will be away.

Since the reuniting of Robin and Patrick, a recast certainly would make more sense, than the current storyline where we find Robin going off, in secret of course, to reanimate Helena Cassadine and her hell spawn son; Stavros from cryogenic stasis, for the purposes of unleashing them on the unsuspecting citizens of Port Charles to wreak havoc on them yet again.

Dr. Robin Scorpio- Drake has agreed to this all in the name of a promise or as the dubious Victor Cassadine put it... an offer, he made to Robin: "That if she cooperates and accomplishes this reanimation of his dastardly family members that Robin will also be able to save an old friend namely, the thought to be dead... Jason Morgan."

Sound a little cray- cray? Yes, it certainly does.

The way this storyline is going, every word Robin speaks in defense of why she is ripping the hearts out of her husband and daughter not to mention the rest of her loved ones, comes off empty, ridiculous and trite especially knowing that the damage done to her daughter Emma and to the Scorpio-Drake marriage over this, is no less than catastrophic.

As a writer, I see this storyline as either pure lunacy or genius writing that we just haven't seen the purpose of yet.

Whatever happens down the road so to speak, I will stay tuned as always.

Yet I still cannot help but feel that considering the horror of the events of the past two years on Robin and her family, her words simply fail when it comes to anything she might try to offer as an excuse for her choosing to lie to her Daughter and her loved ones so that she can leave for parts unknown, where she will have no contact with her family and thus condemn them to wonder and fear for her all over again.

After everything that has happened to them, nothing Robin could ever say could produce the slightest justification for leaving her family again, Jason Morgan or no Jason Morgan.

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