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'General Hospital' rumor: Is Ava Jerome pregnant with a Corinthos baby?

Maura West plays Ava Jerome
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

General Hospital” fans have been waiting for Ava Jerome to be outted as Connie's killer for what seems like forever. Now that Carly and Franco have returned to Port Charles with a recording holding Ava's admission, it is time she is gets what has been coming to her. Sonny will immediately opt to kill her, but is that how all of this will play out? According to a May 26 report from Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Ava Jerome may be pregnant. If this is indeed true, which Corinthos man is the father?

Morgan Corinthos and Ava Jerome have had a rather peculiar romance. With the age difference they were criticized heavily. In the end, they really did grow to love one another. After Morgan found out about Ava's affair with Sonny, he ended things. She was then sent to Sonny's private island to hide until Julian Jerome was dealt with. Ava's return to Port Charles is coming, and Sonny will be informed of the truth about Connie's death.

Rumors have been floating around about the relationship between Ava and Sonny. While the reports of a pregnancy is a possibility, the Twitter feed for “Ava Jerome” suggests that the two may end up married instead. Ava knows Sonny is the one who killed A.J. Quartermaine and she will use it to her full advantage. Will Sonny spare Ava's life in order to protect Michael from the truth?

Fans aren't buying the fact that Ava will turn up pregnant. While it is possible, the baby story lines have been completely played out on “General Hospital.” A fake pregnancy would be more plausible and accepted throughout the fan base. Sonny hasn't been known to make wise decisions, and how he deals with the truth and Ava will definitely be non-traditional. Fans are looking forward to how this will all play out and finding out whether or not Ava Jerome is really pregnant.

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