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'General Hospital' releases a video with highlighted moments over the years

Anthony Geary was part of the "General Hospital" 50 years event
Anthony Geary was part of the "General Hospital" 50 years event
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Throughout the last 50 years, “General Hospital” has been bringing fans emotional story lines. From the death of a child to returning from the dead, this soap opera has done it all. The story behind Luke and Laura was the first of a long line of romances that started off rough. Fans watched as Robin and Stone fell in love, Robin was diagnosed with HIV, and Stone died from AIDS. With the 13,000th episode coming up, “General Hospital” has put together a video with some of the most memorable moments. According to a Feb. 19 post on the official “General Hospital” Facebook Page, fans can get a look at some of the moments that impacted the show in the form of a video.

Some of the moments that were included in the “General Hospital” video included black and white images from Audrey and Steve, the birth of Maxie Jones, and several of the opening scenes from various points of time. There have been so many moments that stand out to fans. Luke and Laura’s wedding was a huge television event in 1981. Many still remember staying home to watch it when it aired. When the writers wrote the story line about Robin and Stone, AIDS was still a taboo that many didn’t talk about. Maxie received BJ’s heart after BJ was hit by a car and while it was an amazing gift to Maxie, it was heartbreaking to watch Bobbie and Tony mourn.

“General Hospital” fans have been impacted with several emotions throughout the show’s run. This video that was compiled showed many of the attention-grabbing events. As the show continues to move forward, the fans will have more emotional moments to remember.

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