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'General Hospital' news: Silas Clay may be Detective West's father

Michael Easton plays Silas Clay
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"General Hospital" writers have been known to add characters without much background information. That is exactly what happened when Detective Nathan West came to Port Charles. He is investigating a cold case from 20 years ago where Silas Clay is the main suspect. According to a Jan. 25 report from Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the theory behind the connection to Clay and West is that they are related, possibly even father and son. This has happened a lot in soap operas and plenty of scenarios could support this story line.

Silas Clay is played by Michael Easton. Originally this character was not set to come to Port Charles but the writers needed a way to keep Easton on the canvas after they had to retire John McBain due to Prospect Park owning the character. Nathan West is played by Ryan Paevey. The two men have similar features, which may not be just a coincidence. Fans are speculating that West may be the child of Nina and Silas Clay. Nina could have been pregnant when she slipped into the coma, resulting in West. The family has done everything to keep Silas away so the scenario fits. There are also some fans that believe West may have been related to Silas' brother, like Rafe.

In the world of soap operas anything is possible. Fans are enjoying the addition of Detective Nathan West to "General Hospital." There is hope that he may begin an awkward relationship with Lulu causing tension with his partner, Dante. Regardless of how the story plays out, fans are happy with the way things are headed.

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