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'General Hospital' news: Nancy Lee Grahn renews contract

Nancy Lee Grahn plays half of "General Hospital's" hot new couple, "Julexis"
Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images

With a show like “General Hospital,” casting can change at the drop of a hat. When it comes time to renew a contract for a fan-favorite character, the viewers collectively hold their breath until they find out the decision. After losing a few actors, fans are always weary. According to a May 21 tweet from Nancy Lee Grahn, she has reached a deal with “General Hospital” and will continue to play Alexis Davis. There were no other details available about the contract, but fans are excited to know she will continue to be on the canvas.

Alexis Davis has been around Port Charles for quite some time. There is so much complexity with this character. Alexis' choice in men has been sketchy at best, but fans have always been supportive of her pairings. There is a huge fan base for “Nexis” out there. When Ned (Wally Kurth) returned to Port Charles fans were hoping they may rekindle their love. It didn't work out that way, and Alexis is moving on with a new man.

Right now one of the hottest couples on “General Hospital” is “Julexis.” Julian Jerome (William deVry) and Alexis Davis are a match made in heaven. Their fan base is exploding all over the place. The Twitter feed for the “Julexis” is always buzzing about how fantastic Nancy Lee Grahn and William deVry are. The pairing of Julian and Alexis has been a hot topic since writers introduced the idea.

Fans are excited to know that Nancy Lee Grahn will remain with “General Hospital” for a while. The fact that Alexis is finally in a story line that is getting attention is pleasing to many viewers. The “Julexis” romance is being talked about each and every day, with memes being made for the couple. Port Charles just got a lot hotter with the “Julexis” story line, and it doesn't look like it is slowing down anytime soon.

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