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'General Hospital' news: Lisa Locicero would have handled Molly and TJ different

Lisa Locicero
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

This week on "General Hospital" fans were surprised to see Molly and TJ as they were about to have sex for the first time. Things didn't work out because they were discovered just in time. On Feb. 25, Lisa Locicero shared on Twitter if she would have handled it the same way.

She was talking back and forth with fans while she was on Twitter. A lot of them were asking about this situation that played out on the show this week. Here is what she had to say, "LOTs of questions about the TJ/Molly hotel stuff.. Not what I would have done in real life.. but we're looking to create drama here. #AskGH."

A lot of her fans were responding and some were shocked about her feelings. The thing is Lisa didn't explain exactly how she would have handled it. Without hearing her side, it is hard to be upset with her. Everyone has their own opinions.

There are no spoilers out if Molly and TJ will end up having sex on "General Hospital," but two teenagers usually find a way to do things if they really want to do it.

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