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'General Hospital': Is the role of Sabrina being recast?

Teresa Castillo
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

The world of soaps can be unpredictable, especially when real-life circumstances change. Teresa Castillo brought Sabrina Santiago to Port Charles just a few years ago. Fans immediately took to her and she quickly became one of the favorites on the show. Rumors have been circulating for a few weeks about what will happen when Castillo begins her maternity leave in just a few weeks. According to an April 15 report from Soap Opera Digest, a recast is a possibility. Fans are unsure about whether or not a recast actress would be welcomed.

Right now Sabrina is pregnant with Patrick's (Jason Thompson) child. The writers wrote Teresa Castillo's real-life pregnancy into “General Hospital,” which lead fans to believe she was going to be around for the long haul. Now that Teresa Castillo is almost ready to take her maternity leave, the writers have to come up with an exit strategy. “General Hospital” put out a casting call for a role that sounds a lot like Sabrina.

Teresa Castillo is set to have a baby girl in May with her husband. There has not been any talk about whether or not she will return after the baby. “General Hospital” writers allowed for Kirsten Storms' maternity leave to be written into the show, but it will be tricky with Castillo. Fans believe a recast will occur, at least through the birth of the Drake baby.

Fans who have stuck around Port Charles for quite some time will remember Maxie was recast while Kirsten Storms was dealing with health issues. Jen Lilley held the role for several months and fans eventually took to her. There are no names being tossed out yet, but fans hope that if there truly is a recast, Teresa Castillo will return. With so much uncertainty hanging around Port Charles, fans are anxious to see what the writers have in store for Patrick, Sabrina, and baby Drake.

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