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'General Hospital': Is Madeline Detective West's mother or grandmother?

Donna Mills arrives in Port Charles with connections to Nathan West and Nina Clay
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

General Hospital” fans have been waiting for months to find out who Donna Mills would be portraying in Port Charles. Today it was shown that Mills is playing Madeline, Nina Clay's mother. While this was one of the scenarios fans had predicted, her other connections to Port Charles came as a surprise. A March 14 tweet posted by the official “General Hospital” Twitter page mentioned Donna Mills would be arriving in Port Charles. Fans everywhere are buzzing about what happened and who she is connected to.

There has been speculation about Detective Nathan West for quite some time. “General Hospital” fans couldn't quite connect the dots about why he was so passionate about taking Silas down, especially for a crime that was quite old. As it turns out, Detective West is connected to Nina Clay and her mother Madeline. Madeline shows up at West's apartment, and it appears that she may be either his mother or grandmother. He refers to Nina by her name, making it impossible for him to be her son.

As the story line develops, “General Hospital” fans will get more pieces to the already complicated puzzle. Speculations are soaring about Madeline possibly trying to frame Silas. Anything is possible in Port Charles. To keep up with what is going on, tune into “General Hospital” on ABC weekdays at 1 p.m. CST.

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