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'General Hospital' fans upset over Nina and Silas rape story

Michelle Stafford
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

General Hospital” fans have been shocked by recent events happening in Port Charles. From drugs being shown on-screen to the death of a premature baby, some believe the writers have taken it too far. The story lines have always pushed the envelope on soaps, but where should a line be drawn? According to a July 27 report from Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Nina is going to drug and essentially rape Silas. When the show left off last Friday, Nina was shown crushing a pill and spiking Silas' drink. Is this too much or is it acceptable?

Soap operas have been one of the most cutting edge shows on television. “General Hospital” did the story line with Robin contracting HIV from Stone two decades ago, and that stirred a huge debate. Since then the show has promoted HIV awareness and even held the Nurses Ball to celebrate accomplishments. Social issues are discussed on the soaps and whether viewers want to admit it or not, they need to be addressed.

There have been rape story lines on “General Hospital” in the past. Remember Elizabeth Webber? Michael was raped in prison due to something Franco had arranged. As one tweet points out, “JaSam” (Jason and Sam) fans were upset when it appeared Franco may have raped Sam and got her pregnant. The sad reality is things like this happen in the real world.

Fans are always going to have complaints about story lines on “General Hospital.” The writers will always push the envelope a little bit when dealing with social issues. If it plays out that Nina does indeed drug and rape Silas, there will be a purpose for it. If what is shown is too much for some fans, there is always the option to change the channel or walk away while the scenes are airing.

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